Tuesday, November 12, 2013

number freaks

hey, all you number freaks!

today is 11/12/13 if you're in one of those countries with the silly month/day/year format that nearly nobody uses but you're emotionally attached to or jus or just 'murica, yeah.


i am conversant in both date formats and also don't pitch a hissy fit if you write "honour" or "colour" or "programme".

but any excuse for a festival, eh? today is a good reason to read dates in m/d/y format, because 11/12/13!!!

hello! how cool is that?

so today i am going to celebrate by making bread pudding - ok, i make a lot of bread pudding anyway this time of year, plus it is one of my favorite things to have for second breakfast.

yes, i eat second breakfast in my house. it has nothing to do with hobbits and everything to do with having eaten a light first breakfast at around 0400, so i simply do not last until noon without an intermediary meal.

anyway, i'm going to make bread pudding.

and then later i am going to make coconut rice pudding with mango, because i have a ripe mango.

i loves me some pudding.

so THAT'S what i'm doing to celebrate 11/12/13, and i will be making my official observance at 14:15, because.

11/12/13 14:15

i may die from delight.

you'll get another chance next year on 12/13/14, but after that you're done for another 987 years.

so make the best of it.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My birth date is not only old but it too is sequential like today.
I'm special like that - so bring me some bread pudding would ya? I may just die from delight then as well.

flask said...

i'll be right over.


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