Sunday, November 03, 2013

stonework at treman state park

there's a guy i know through his blog and he's got a project about ccc works in parks and he put out a call for photos of the stonework in watkins glen state park which is a park from which i happen to have a truckload of photos.

but then i was recently in ithaca and i thought: hey, i should go over to treman and take pictures of the ccc work there so stan can see that!

so i did.

but right at the upper entrance there's an old mill which is now a museum and i hung out there and i was looking for any information i could get on the ccc work and then in the last room...

...a whole big display on the enfield ccc camp! because it was one of the big ones! and based RIGHT HERE!

so i studied that and then i went out on the trails and took a lot of pictures of the stonework and stuff and even a video of the walk around lucifer falls, because while still pictures are nice, you don't get such a great idea of the HUGE-itude of the stairs unless you see them in motion.

that's you in motion, not the stairs. the stairs do not move, except when being damaged by wear and erosion.

here's a map of the park trails.

if you would like to see my whole photo set on flickr, it's here.

here's the video of my walk through the stonework from the place where the gorge trail is closed down to the creek and then up the cliff staircase.  i tried to get the walk up the cliff staircase in one take and on the five minutes of memory space i had left on my camera, but i couldn't do it.

i was making good enough time, but i got to the last turn - the LAST TURN!- and i thought my heart was gonna 'splode so i rested a few minutes before going up.

roll film.

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