Thursday, November 14, 2013

maps in winter

well, it's winter here. for the past three days it has been snowing some for part of every day. smuggler's notch (the road)  is closed for the season, but smuggler's notch (the ski resort) won't open for skiing until november 29th, they think.

vtrans has a cool map of all the state road information here, so if you need to know about vermont road information or you just like, maps, you should go look at it.

otherwise if you like etymology and maps, there's this, and if you have a LOT of time to kill and you would like to plan your travel in ancient rome, there's this.

and if you're a big fan of rocks (and who isn't?) the vermont geological survey has a collection of maps and they are so juicy that i got lost in there one morning last week because it's really, really important to know whether those slates you were looking at were part of the gile mountain formation or the waits river formation.

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