Friday, November 01, 2013

book sale at the trumansburg library

when i'm hanging out in the finger lakes national forest, i spend a lot of time in trumansburg.

this is mostly because there's a good public library with an outside electrical outlet i can plug all my little appliances into and i can sit out on the patio in the morning and do all my little computer things just like i do at home before the sun rises and i go out to play.

except in this case i already AM out, but it's the concept of the thing.

plus in trumansburg you can get good food and it's where i buy my gas and groceries and use real actual flush toilets, which adds to my enjoyment of my stay very much.

but anyway. while i was there they were either having or preparing for the library book sale. and people can always use help on a project like that.

it takes time and hands on deck to receive all the donations, and put up shelves, categorize and shelf the books, label the shelves, and also do the actual selling, plus there's reorganization as the stock dwindles and also teardown and cleanup.

it's kind of a big community effort, and since i was at least a temporary part of the community, i hopped right in there and did stuff.

sometimes adventuring means going into communities and doing the quiet things, like working at the book sale, or going to the firemen's barbecue.

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