Sunday, November 17, 2013

roberts cemetery

there isn't a lot to say about this backroad hill cemetery, because there aren't that many of the stones that can still be read.

here are two stones that crumbled away long ago, probably someone in the town office has a record of who he is. he's been dead a long time but somebody still keeps a flower planted on his grave.

and i looked up david tottingham to find out maybe where he came from and why he is here, but he remains a mystery.

david tottingham
oct. 11, 1831:
aged 76 years.

how strang. o; god, who reigns on high
that i should come so far to die,
and leave my friends, where i was bred
to lay my bones with strangers dead
till i do hope when i arise
to dwell with them up in the skies.

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