Saturday, November 02, 2013

harringtons in south burlington

back in july i went to the shelburne road cemetery in south burlington vermont to look up and photograph the headstone of hiram h. harrington.

i grew up a couple of miles from that cemetery, but back in my day you could see the cemetery from shelburne road. there was wasteland on both sides of it, and it was dark and overgrown and spooky.

today it is hidden behind a hedge, surrounded on all sides by shopping plazas and car dealerships and the curb cut is barely visible and it's just out
of range of any of the turn lanes, so you better drive lively.

i had a hard time finding it.

but it is pleasant and green inside, a quiet place hidden back there. i had a little lunch and i got down to the work of finding not just hiram harrington, but every harrington buried under a marked stone in that cemetery.

it's taken me a while, but i have sorted them out and made a diagram of where they are and (mostly) deciphered the inscriptions.

there's one obvious row of harringtons. the rest you have to walk around to find.

there are two hiram h. harringtons:

hiram h. harrington
july 16th, 1889
aged 48 years

hiram h. harrington
oct. 15, 1879
ae 75 yrs

there is a broken headstone next to this older hiram. the top reads

rhoda (unclear)

and if you turn over the middle section on the ground, you can see she is the wife of hiram h. harrington.

this is a little odd because there is a second stone next to this, also marked rhoda, wife of hairam h. harrington. the two stones have the same dates.

if you'd like to view the whole set on flickr, it is here.

and the diagram of the locations of the stones is in a googledoc here.

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