Friday, March 14, 2014

a thing i wrote to my US senators

you guys don't have to answer this next question because really, you can't answer it and still expect to do business in washington but there's no reason that i can't ask: do you ever just look around you in the senate chamber and wonder how this corrupt group of narcissistic losers got elected?


yes, i did.


Zhoen said...

Very satisfying. But they'll all think it refers to everyone else, not them.

flask said...

my senators are pat leahy and bernard sanders.

if you are familiar with their records, you will know that it does not refer to them.

the last time congress voted itself a fat pay raise while cutting other people's wages, both leahy and sanders voted no.

sanders went so far as to return the extra pay.

i have not seen senator leahy in the grocery store, but senator sanders does his own shopping. when asked for id, he just pulls out his wallet. he waits in line at the movie theater, just like everyone else.

he goes to the movies without a security detail and people are polite enough to leave him alone because if you want to reach him, you can reach him at his office and HE WILL ACTUALLY GET BACK TO YOU.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

c'mon down and say it to their faces. PLEASE!!

flask said...

i don't need to go down there to talk to senators leahy and sanders. when i call them, they know who i am. they answer my emails. some of them, at any rate. they're too busy to answer EVERY time i call or write.

while i heartily approve of my senators, i view my congressman (and yes, i only have one) i have a kind of lukewarm approval of representative welch, who may or may not be an upstanding guy but he is too junior not to have to play ball with the corrupt establishment.

Zhoen said...

Sorry, I didn't know. My own batch are, and have been, and will be, pretty dreadful.

flask said...

you might be forgiven for thinking that my senators suck as much as most.

i mean, if you randomly pick a state and try to guess whether their senators are corrupt stinking ratbags of suck, most of the time you should guess suck.


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