Saturday, March 29, 2014

that about wraps it up.

let's see.

so today it rained all day, which has not been good for snohaus.

the nice young computer technician called to ask some questions about my operating system and ten days into a data recovery he still isn't sure if there's going to be a recovery.

i am sick of hearing privileged people complain that their loss of control over other people somehow amounts to persecution. this applies equally to christians who are bitter about marriage equality, agribusinesses that lobby for ag-gag laws, rich people who feel entitled to kleptocracy, and oil company executives who sue to keep fracking pipelines of of their property.

around lunchtime i accidentally put a hot skillet down on a ziploc bag. that did not end well.

that 2048 game i told you about yesterday is serving as an excellent reminder about why i should never use crack.

and earlier today i thought it would be swell to put fresh sheets on the bed, only i am not quite done that project and it is now bedtime.

plus i smell bad.

yep, i think that covers it.

1 comment:

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Boo to all. Especially not having the sheets on the bed when you're ready to sleep. The worst.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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