Tuesday, March 18, 2014

make it stop.

make it effing stop. i wanted to tell you about a little geocache trip with a friend's grandkid, or a game i've been playing, or snohaus.

but after spending three days rebuilding a photo library, i opened my photo program today to find that it can't find THE rebuilt library, but it CAN find some "rebuilt" library that has most of my photos up to 2009, AND my podcasts for some reason are screwed up and keep downloading fifteen copies of the same four year old episodes and calling them new, but not downloading the actual new episodes.

come to think of it, this crap always seems to happen every time i click the "no, don't download the newest version of itunes"

it's sort of like a couple of days ago when everything on my laptop was running fine until one of those automatic download things snuck in and i didn't catch it and the new download to "improve" my sound actually disabled all sound on my laptop.

same thing with my photo library.

when everything works fine and you can plug in all your devices and they work, what you need is an update that makes everything NOT work.

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