Wednesday, March 19, 2014

wintry mix

that's what the weather forecast says.

wintry mix.

i'm calling shenanigans.

it's SNOWING here. yay!!! i might be the only person in the northern hemisphere who has not had nearly enough cold weather or snow, but as long as it's sunny and the snow is good, i don't care if spring don't come.

i would like to tell you about snohaus because it has been a big couple of days, but we still don't have pictures. let's just say that late tomorrow if i have energy i will be starting to DIG THE HOLE.

because the structure itself is now well over six feet tall. early on when i'm working on the base, 600 pounds or so of snow barely raises the hight an inch, but as the thing goes up the dome gets narrower and the same 20 sled loads raises it a couple of feet.

and speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is kind of a big day in other fronts. tomorrow i get to ride in a snowcat.

i know, how cool is that?

later on i will have pictures for you.

now i have to eat dinner and go to bed because i have to meet the guy at 0600 and even though i often leave the house before six, somehow it seems more complex and difficult when i have an appointed meeting time that early.


and i bought a box of paczky to share with the driver in whose workspace i will be intruding.

i am not sure what makes them so different from jelly donuts, but they are special POLISH jelly donuts you get at lent.

oh. and i took my hard drive in to the nice guys at the computer store to see if i can get a data retrieval. there was a thing last night where i melted down and there was crying and i tried to call my mom but i got my stepmother which was just as good because if you're crying over computers my stepmother knows more about that.

and i am working on a new song for louise because louise, who has never met me, thinks i am awesome.

basically there is a shortage of new material in the wold of round singing and louise likes my work.

i'm outta here. i have to go microwave a burrito because last week i made a recipe of vegetarian burritos and rolled them up and froze them and i meant to, you know, KEEP them for a while against menu emergencies but they are SO GOOD i have just been eating them.

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Menu emergencies? That's funny and I'm stealing it.
When will we see this big snohaus?

And you are the only human who is enjoying this long cold snowy winter.


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