Thursday, March 20, 2014

totally, amazingly cool

this morning just past six i was waiting for my ride, a guy named bruce driving a huge tracked vehicle with some scary-lookin' appliances on both front and back. i have pictures and video and stuff but since my computer and i are still not in agreement about what constitutes an acceptable data transfer, i am saving the telling of it until later.

then after i found the geocache du jour and came home expecting to work on snohaus (also, no pictures now, so no real story for you) but it was too warm to work on the structure without damaging it. tonight it will set up a little and tomorrow morning early i'll get out there and see whether it's going to be cold enough for piling or warm enough for refacing and if i'll be ready to excavate.

either way it will be cold enough for a couple of hours to work the snow in some way.

right now i'm waiting for my rice and beans to cook because i NEED me more o' them burritos.


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