Monday, March 24, 2014

why i don't like my neighbor

it's because of the dog.

my neighbor has a lanky black lab and i have never seen the neighbor walk her farther than the garage or the dumpster. i have never seen the neighbor put the dog in the car and take her anywhere.

every morning the neighbor opens the door and ties the dog to the railing for long enough to pee. grass won't grow in front of the neighbor's condo, or in front of mine as far as the dog's tie-up reaches.

when you buy a puppy, you are buying a living creature with needs and desires. dogs like to go places, sniff things, and did i mention GO PLACES? a dog needs exercise and company. the neighbor leaves this dog alone all day nearly every day.

but the neighbor has a nice flowerpot with the dog's name on it, and at halloween carves a pumpkin with the dog's name in it.

because, you know, a dog really appreciates personalized accessories.

i think a lot of people like the IDEA of a dog more than an actual dog. same goes for kids.

if you don't want to spend time with a dog, play with it, give it exercise and attention, you should not have a dog.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

if you were left tied up all day with no exercise or mental stimulation think about how you'd feel. I'd have to jump the fence and steal the dog. I'm crazy like that.

Friko said...

That’s animal cruelty in my book.
Here, that owner would have been reported to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Is there nothing similar round your place?

flask said...

i doubt not taking your dog for a walk counts as legally actionable animal cruelty. the dog isn't in a crate all day. the neighbor doesn't seem to get any exercise, either.

the dog isn't tied to the railing all day.

i think to have it be actual cruelty it needs to involve confinement or lack of feeding or extreme neglect.

i don't think you can report someone for boring their dog. the neighbor needs some exercise while we're at it, too.

Zhoen said...

Maybe if the officials get called, they could do some educating?

Dog is being treated cruelly, but probably just within the law. As for those people, ugh.


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