Sunday, March 09, 2014

GPS come home

wednesday afternoon i lost my GPS receiver.

if you know me, you know that is spend more time with my GPS receiver than i do with my toothbrush. if i go to a doctor's appointment, i bring my GPS.

and as near as i can figure what happened, my garage door opener popped off of its clip wednesday and when i pulled into the driveway, i couldn't find it. so i stopped the car and got out and eventually found the garage door opener under the seat.

i did not notice my GPS had dropped out of my pocket.

thursday morning when i went to use it (that's thursday morning at 0530 when i emerged from my house with full gear for wandering around outside in -17 temps) i didn't have the GPS which didn't alarm me very much because i sometimes leave it in my car overnight.

when it wasn't in the car, i was scared. i searched the house. i searched my bags. i searched and re-searched the car and the garage.

thing is, wednesday afternoon i went out with my recycling and i looked over there and saw a dark spot on the driveway and dismissed it as dirty ice.

and wednesday night i noticed i din;t have my GPS and assumed it was in the car.

thursday morning i was standing in the driveway, crying.

i had to go to my mom's house and borrow the old GPS i'd given her when i got the new one (i'm not so generous; she paid for the new one) and thursday afternoon i put up a sign out by out mailboxes:

i am hoping very much that you found my
in  the driveway wednesday afternoon and don’t know whose it is or how to return it.

it’s kind of old and freezes up for no apparent reason, but i’m rather fond of it and if you are looking for how to return it, i live (my address). you can call me at (my phone number) and i will run right over and pick it up, even.

thank you.

friday evening i was halfway through my supper and somebody knocked on my door. i jumped up and bolted to the door faster than anyone could reasonably expect to do. the guy there handed me my GPS and said he was just on the way to the mailboxes to put up a sign asking if anyone had lost a GPS receiver.

he wished me a happy weekend and he went home.

this makes me happier than just having the GPS back. when people are good, it makes me happy.

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