Tuesday, March 04, 2014

spectacular news.

all right, boys and girls. last week or something like that i wrote to the nice people at bolton valley ski resort, which is where i do my skiing.

this is what i wrote them:

i'm about to head out to the mountain for a lovely morning of skiing.

i was thinking last week that it would be really cool to ask if i could ride along in a groomer sometime and take pictures and maybe write a few words about it. i'd be lying if i said it was for my tiny little blog that gets about two dozen readers, because there's nothing so special about that blog that demands a piece on snow grooming at bolton valley.

i would, of course, post it there, but the real reason to ask to do it is because it is unfathomably cool and just once in my life i'd like to see what that's like.

so here's what i'm suggesting, in handy bullet points:

  • i'd like to ride along and take pictures and maybe shoot some video from inside a cab
  • i'd like to write a piece about it with pictures that i will post to my tiny blog.
  • you will be welcome to use my piece on your website.
because really, i bet you a nickle that i am not the only one of your longtime skiers who would love to see what it's like for the people who do your grooming and that would be a cool addition to your website.

i look forward to hearing from you.

and i just got an email from the mountain saying they'd be happy to have me ride along and take pictures and write about it.

that is FANTASTIC.

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Zhoen said...

I was once told, "Ask someone about their job, and they'll talk your ear off."

I've found this to be absolutely true.


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