Thursday, March 06, 2014

experimental sammidge

i wanted to make something good to take with me thursday night because barb was going to come out on a bitter cold night to celebrate my halfway and she comes straight from work.

it doesn't matter why, really. i wanted something nice and packable and also a little different and special and i'm pretty good with chinese cooking and i thought: hey why don't i just whip up some chinese dishes and roll them into a wrap?


on the very outside next to the wrap is some wilted cabbage leaf. chinese cabbage would have been better, but plain green cabbage is what i had. i seasoned it with a little rice vinegar.

then on top of that is the pile of spicy peanut noodles and then julienned carrots and sliced shiitake mushrooms, each simmered separately in master sauce.

i rolled it right up.

it is very good.

it also does not suck if you take a little sliced turkey breast and stick it in there for the extra protein. i tried it both ways.

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cookie said...

I want the full version of the secret flask recipe files!


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