Friday, March 07, 2014

some of my favorite things

i leave the house most mornings with both a laptop and an avalanche shovel. it makes me feel awesome and intrepid. i've never been in an avalanche, but the shovel comes in super handy out where i play.

i love all my cute little fashion accessories.

i have decided to share with you some of my favorites:

the lifelink avalanche shovel:

 it is cute, lightweight, packable, and i use it every day. the handle telescopes out.

apparently i am the last kid on the block to get a pair of these. they are that thing you've always wanted that's between yaktrax and ten-point crampons. you know how most of your traction-improving thingies come off when you walk through deep or crusty snow? microspikes stay ON YOUR BOOT. and they are super  grippy. if you are wearing them you will be tempted to walk up vertical ice walls.

and they come in black. mine are black.

and they are easy to put on and take off.

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