Monday, March 31, 2014

satan's own game

i think i'm depressed.

i meant to do things today, because stuff.

but even though it was cold enough to work the snow today, the driveway was still a river and it was hard sledding.

and then i thought i'd play a couple of rounds of 2048, and somehow several hours were lost.

i'm not so much working construction on snohaus, as restoring it. over time  it lost some volume, and therecent warm weather took a half dozen inches in height alone.

today a couple hundred pound of snow were enough to repair a step and a half on the stairs. tomorrow it will have been cold all night and i hope it will warm up slowly in the morning to give me a couple of hours in which i can work.

i did not make any pudding today.

i have been meaning to make pudding for days.

i tell you, satan's own game.

1 comment:

cookie said...

PUDDING...just the way it SOUNDS is worth a smile. You will not be able to be sad while you are having pudding.


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