Thursday, March 27, 2014

feels like a done day

it's ten thirty in the morning and already i feel like the day is lost to me.

i woke up this morning thinking: i will check the weather and if it's nice for skiing i will go skiing and if not i will work on snohaus.

but then as i moved about waking up, it became obvious that something is wrong in my lower back. so. stretches, gentle exercises.

the sun came up. it is cold out, but with sun that strong, perfect for skiing and there just aren't that many good ski days. i thought: i really should go skiing.

so i started to get suited up for that.

and there really is something wrong in my lower back. i thought maybe i could just do some gentle skiing, but while you might be able to ski gently, there's no gentle way around lugging all those pounds of gear. plus if you get into trouble and need to lie down, you are up at the mountain with all your gear and no way to get home.

so. more gentle stretches and exercises.

i will have to leave the house to go find a geocache and later on i will work very gently on snohaus. the day is too nice to do nothing and while maybe shoveling snow isn't the best idea, i can at least modify the activities so i'm not moving heavy sleds. i can move a half sled at a time and still get something done.

or a quarter sled.

and if i need to lie down, i am at least at home where i can enjoy the full range of NSAIDs and muscle relaxants available to me.

and have a little nap.

tomorrow i will be good as new.

1 comment:

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I's tomorrow. I hope you woke up new.


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