Wednesday, July 23, 2014

bike at little river

hey, gang! this will surprise you: it's a post about a state park but has nothing to do with the challenge.

my friend barb and i went up there to practice our land navigation by bike, because geocaches stand in very nicely for orienteering bags.

some of the trails open to bikes are the old roads, and some were obviously cut by mountain bikers so they ride pretty.

we rode up the dalley loop and then took the connector over to cotton brook but we had full packs so we decided not to go up cotton brook, which is kind of a project.

it's enough of a project to climb back up to the top of the dalley loop, because essentially from the start of our ride there was one long brutal climb followed by a long descent and then more climbing.

here's some video of the ride back.


Hundewanderer said...

Lovely bike ride through the forest. I could almost feel the coolness in the shade and trees. It's 110 degrees in the desert today.

flask said...

you know, HW, when i was out there i was thinking that you would enjoy all the lush green of it.

cookie said...

I love it! Thank you for posting it. :)


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