Wednesday, July 16, 2014

one day on the NFCT

hey, everybody! you're probably sitting there wondering if i have anything new for you about the venture vermont challenge. i don't even know why i keep giving you the link. by now you all have it bookmarked or are carrying around a copy of the checklist on your clipboard.

so anyway, paddling a portion of the northern forest canoe trail is an item on the list, and guess what?

there's a part of the trail that just HAPPENS to have a paddlecache on it.

huh? paddlecache? yeah, that's a geocache for which you need a boat. or, you know, thick ice.

but water.

so yeah, we went out to find that baby and we put in at the swanton dam and we paddled upstream while practicing navigation by compass (easier on a river than in deep woods) and when we got to the island, we got out and struggled through the vegetation (surprisingly robust) and then after we found the cache we were sitting on the bank swishing the sand out of our shoes and in general relaxing and some little fishies came and nibbled at our feet.

so i have for you a video of our hack through the brush, a video of the fishies, and a lovely video of some of the paddle.

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