Monday, July 07, 2014

things and more things

i am still fighting the data crash wars.

i got a new hard drive that will let me put my music on one drive and my photos on another and then have enough room to back things up properly, but now all of a sudden one of the older drives has decided every few hours to suddenly disconnect itself, which means i can't migrate any of the data from the other of the old drives, which means i am STILL short of space simply because i have extra copies of too many things while i'm trying to get everything cleaned and backed up.

meantime, i still go out and find a geocache every day. today i found thirty of them.

i am still training for my race on august 2. today i am carrying a midweight pack.

today i saw a little spotted fawn walking up a road.

i also saw a traffic control lady who waved happily at all of the passing cars. of course i waved back.

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