Tuesday, July 08, 2014

just make it stop.

so today i went to edit up a cute little video about making a little boat for the venture vermont challenge, only i went to look for the videos, and sometime since yesterday afternoon those files have disappeared off of my computer.

so then i tracked them down and they still exist as stills somehow.


corrupted and file type changed and i can't get them back?

..rebuild photo library.

still missing.

and some new ones are missing.

one of my older hard drives has taken up the charming habit of suddenly disconnecting itself without bothering to unmount.

so the progress of backing up all the data to the new hard drive has been somewhat impeded.

so now i'm just taking for days or so to totally back up the older drive that's NOT turning itself off randomly and then i'll figure out what the problem is. i think i can manage to partition the new drive or something while i get the problem sorted out, but i would just really like ONE complete backup before i start messing with things, you know?

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