Tuesday, July 15, 2014

emergency dominoes

i've talked about what's in my emergency kit.

you probably know that there are a couple of versions of the kit. the heavyweight version includes a set of emergency dominoes.

yes. that is not a joke.

you never know when you're going to get stuck somewhere with nothing to do, and a little set of dominoes comes in handy.

one of the things on the list for this year's venture vermont outdoor challenge is to play a game outside.

granted, i think they mean kickball or tag or something like that but i am already spending so much time outside that sometimes in between sporting activities it's nice to just sit down and play something quiet.

so a couple of weeks ago my friend barb and i went for a mountain bike ride in little river state park and then we sat on the grass near the parking lot and had delicious (of course) sammidges and some nice fresh cherries and we played dominoes because i had my emergency dominoes with me.

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