Thursday, July 31, 2014

huge boulder and stone wall corner

last week i was in sucker brook country park in williston, which is part of the lake iroquois recreation district trails. apparently "country park" means "park with nice trails and maybe parking but no amenities like restrooms or playgrounds".  i think they make that distinction so people who were expecting something with tennis courts or a pool will not be disappointed.

me, i like a little wild public greenspace in my cities, and this particular wild greenspace is only about five miles from the state's busiest commercial area, so that's a bonus.

i was there to find a geocache, but also there's an item on the venture vermont challenge to climb a boulder or a tree. i do a lot of each of those activities fairy regularly, but i think i'm going to pick this boulder for my challenge.

i like it for a couple of reasons: one is that it's right on the trail map as "landmark: huge boulder and stone wall corner" its really kind of a fantastic boulder. it is beautiful red sandstone covered with lush green moss. it's also easy to climb.

i took some photos of it, and made a little video of my walkaround.

view at the top

view from the top

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Hundewanderer said...

Cool rock. And nice background sounds in the forest. A nice little break from the hot desert.


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