Saturday, July 12, 2014


yesterday i walked up to the glastenbury firetower.

no, you go google it yourself.

and after some hours of walking in solitude i got up to the top and all of a sudden there was a crowd.

by "crowd", i mean four guys. there were two german speakers, both long distance hikers, and two AT through hikers. neckbone, who was northbound, and mr. blister who was headed south.

the other guys all moved along pretty quickly but mr. blister was hanging out for a little while, which is what selected him for the windfall.

see, when you are distance hiking, you don;t get a lot of fresh food. you get what you can carry, and you eat a lot of dense nasty stuff with high caloric content that will keep in your pack or in your resupply cache you mail to yourself at some remote post office.

but i was up there on the mountain with a great deal more food than i needed, just in case.

and you KNOW i can make a sammidge.

so i turned to mr. blister and i said "would you be interested in a turkey sammidge?"

you'd have thought it was christmas.

turkey with cheese on a sundried tomato herb wrap with fresh vegetables and a little secret ingredient.

it doesn't matter, really. bonus calories are bonus calories. food you don't have to carry yourself and wrappers someone else packs out for you are magic.

yeah, magic.

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