Tuesday, July 22, 2014

surprise party

tonight i got invited to a birthday party.

in itself this is not unusual.

what is unusual about his is that the woman whose birthday it was invited me as we finished our race tonight.

it's a funny thing, the race venue, because you can be friendly with people you see every week for years and years and years and not know their names but you like them and i was running with a big ol' pack and this woman i've sort of known for some years comes running by and she's talking to someone about some food they have and i think they're just talking about food to pull them around the course so i say "ooooh, tell me more about that", which makes everyone laugh and i run faster so i can hear her talk about the roasted tofu and the watermelon and the cupcakes with the ginger buttercream frosting and the next thing i know, i'm invited to dinner.

so happy birthday, nice lady with whom i've run every tuesday for years and whose name i have only just learned.


happiness and joy and prosperity.

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