Friday, July 04, 2014

my pack

if your're a long time follower of this blog or if you came in from the GMARA website, you are probably wondering but flask, isn't it july? shouldn't you be pack training?

how clever of you to notice. why, yes. it is july. and as of july 2 i switched over from my little camelbak to the larger daypack i will be carrying in the bitter pill, but last week i made a little video about what's in my pack because there are some pack related items in the venture vermont outdoor challenge. one of those things is to go on a hike of at least three miles carrying everything you need in your pack, and the other is to make an emergency kit and list what's in it.

i am often going on hikes of three miles or so, and i always carry a little more gear than i perhaps strictly need. i've always carried a first aid kit, but last year i upgraded my first aid kit to be in compliance with the mandatories of the equipment list for the bitter pill, so that's pretty much what's in my emergency bag that goes in my pack.

Team First Aid Kit:

Each team must carry a first aid kit with at least the following items, or equivalent:
[  ]  1” bandages
[  ]  3x4” gauze pads
[  ]  2x5 yd gauze roll
[  ]  1/2” adhesive tape roll
[  ]  Tweezers
[  ]  Anti-bacterial creme/towlettes
[  ]  Ibuprofen
[  ]  Iodine tablets or other water purification system

besides the mandatories, i also include benadryl, immodium, acetominophen, my inhaler and epipen, and some other small niceties.
in cold weather, i will also carry extra clothing, and TWO working lighters, along with firestarter and hand warmers.


Hundewanderer said...

I like seeing what's inside other peoples packs. Thank you for sharing. I live and hike in the desert so my stuff is slightly different. I'd love to spend a weekend with you, gleaning information that you know, especially the orienteering stuff. Take care, HW.

flask said...

HW, you come up anytime.


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