Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the speaker sues the president

i think we're watching pro wrestling on the world stage.

it's like the speaker called up the president and said, hey, i have an idea: i'll pile drive you into the mat and then you'll get mad and break a chair on my head and while everyone is watching us our friends will go through the audience and pick pockets. ok?

and the president said ok.

sometimes i feel as if this is the only plausible explanation for politics in washington.

which brings me to another point:

we go into other countries with our military so we can bring american-style democracy to them and then we act all surprised when they don't WANT american-style democracy.

what, are you telling me that american-style democracy is somehow NOT the standard to which all others should aspire?

US congress: whoopie cushion to the world.

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