Wednesday, May 08, 2013

a failure to care

recently i was in the vistor parking lot at a large university.

ok, let's say it was UVM. there's no point pretending it wasn't.

anyway, the visitor parking is not for employees (there are staff spots in that lot, so staff can park in THEIR spots) and the lot is fer sure NOT FOR STUDENTS. there are a lot of parking lots at UVM and for most of them you have to have an appropriate staff or student pass but there are these couple dozen spots in the waterman visitor lot for VISITORS. it's a metered lot, but it's for visitors.

the UVM police will ticket you for parking in the visitor spots if you have a student or staff parking permit. especially a student permit.

i only mention it because i was parked next to a young woman who apparently did not care. it was pretty easy to identify her  SUV as belonging to a student, and her vehicle was visible from across the street, painted on three sides the way it was.

i am guessing that since she's graduating in a few days she just doesn't care.

it made me giggle.

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