Saturday, May 11, 2013

no traction

this is my confession: when i find crappy religious tracts in geocaches, i just take them. i take them and i burn them.

yes, i know, jimbob the ultra christian asshole, you spent money getting those things printed up and you leave them in geocaches all over as some kind of misguided signature.

quite frankly, i am totally good with you placing a signature that speaks of your religious identity and all that, but here's where i draw the line: your crappy religious tracts that i have been seeing all day go so far as to tell OTHER PEOPLE that they are somehow at fault and that you are the arbiter of what is good for other people and i know you think you;re doing everybody a big fat favor by "saving" them when in reality you're just being a big pushy asshole who thinks the states of other people's souls are somehow his business.

it is not a favor. you are wrong. you are wrong because it is not your place to direct others, nor to judge their souls, nor to instruct them that they are flawed.

if they ask you, you may deliver your opinion.

if you give your opinion unsolicited to strangers -or worse- leave this message out for strangers to read thereby littering the landscape with your claptrap that just uses resources and takes up space, you have stepped over the line and not only do i take your crappy tracts out of caches where i find them, but i save one copy to ridicule and burn all the rest.

have a nice day.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just love you!:-)

GDad said...

I used to take the ones at the unattended laundromat I used to frequent when I was a very poor college student.


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