Monday, May 20, 2013

home for the rover

i am home.

i have been home sine saturday afternoon, but it is the tradition of this blog to tell stories at least a day late, so we're running right along here.

today's highlights: i used TWO real actual flush toilets, one of which IS IN MY HOUSE.

i also discovered that while my turnip is dead, my potatoes have thrived (throve? thriven?) in my absence and will continue to live in benign neglect on the patio.

i did a whole load of laundry and put spankin' clean sheets on the bed. i have begun to unpack. since unpacking also means spreading crap all over the house to air out before i put it away, i am not in a big hurry to empty the car.

i have begun the (extremely) long process of transferring all the photos and videos onto my desktop machine.

i was gone 17 days and drove over 2300 miles. later on, maybe, there will be a count of how many parks, cemeteries, and state and national forests i visited.

i was not out for all of the month of may but let's face it: at some point driving around in a car containing THAT much dirty laundry loses its charm and you just feel like having a real shower and sleeping in a bed maybe.

there's no point in staying out just to stay out.

at some point the idea of coming home seems nicer than staying out and that is exactly the moment to head for home.

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

" a car containing that much dirty laundry loses it's charm"

that is an understatement for this spoiled woman who needs showers and flushing toilets.


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