Saturday, May 04, 2013

proper scrambled eggs

several months ago i read an article about how to make "proper scrambled eggs".

i want to caution you against anything that purports to tell you what the proper way of doing things is.

this recipe was very time intensive and labor intensive and used something like a tablespoon and a half of butter for EACH EGG being cooked.

but i tried it, because the person seemed to know a thing or two about deliciousness.


here is how to make proper scrambled eggs in my house:

start off with fresh eggs from chickens who spend their days outside having nice chicken days. just because we're going to eat their offspring and later them doesn't mean they can't have nice lives in the interim.

plus the eggs just TASTE better. go on, try it and see.

put a tiny bit of olive oil or butter in the pan. jest barely enough to grease the surface. when the fat is hotted up, pour the eggs in.

stir 'em oncet or twice before they set and when they are at your preferred degree of firmness, put them in a dish and eat them with toast. i like mine with english muffins.

i do not bother to butter my toast.

because it's perfect just that way.

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