Friday, May 03, 2013

democrats 2014

i'm going to come right out with the full disclosure. i'm not a democrat. for many years i have voted alsmost entirely for democratic candidates because i am more afraid of the repbublicans than i am of the democrats, and i support in principle at least a lot of what the democrats are saying.

but the democratic party isn't doing much for us in terms of civil liberties, or privacy rights, or even the right to due process and certainly not anything about working on the problems of poverty and unemployment.

news from financial analysts released this week tells us that the rich are still getting richer.

are the democrats actually talking about any of those problems? no, they are not.

instead they are talking about how important it is to beat and humiliate the republicans and i am NOT on board with that.

here is a selection of emails i get from the democrats every day:

I am so grateful for all that you have done to help build a strong infrastructure that enables Democrats to fight back and go toe-to-toe with the onslaught of attacks led by the billionaire Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.
But if we want to continue exposing the records of the most outrageous and extreme Republicans in the country, your support is needed urgently.
That’s where House Majority PAC’s GOP Rapid Response Fund comes in. They use it to target advertising that exposes the GOP’s extremist records in ten of the top districts nationwide. They just need 42 more members from Vermont to contribute before the April 15 deadline -- please give now.House Majority PAC is dedicated to winning a Democratic Majority in the House. They need your help today.
Your support matters – thank you! Please act now.
Yours truly,

(my name) -- We have to move fast so I'll keep this quick:
There are only THREE weeks until Elizabeth Colbert Busch faces Republican Mark Sanford in the special election for South Carolina's 1st congressional district. The latest campaign poll has Colbert Busch up 3 points against the disgraced ex-Governor -- pretty impressive for a district Mitt Romney won by 18 points!
But now, national Republicans have taken notice. With their deceptive attacks and a sizable cash advantage, Sanford's backers could do some real damage to Elizabeth's campaign. In a race this close, we can't let Republican attacks go unanswered.
Will you donate $3 or more right now to help us fight Republican attacks like these?
We have three weeks left to try and put a Democrat in a seat that's been Republican for over 30 years. This is when we need you most.
(my name), stand with us right now and chip in $3 or more today:
Kelly Ward
DCCC Executive Director

(my name)--
This is it:
Tomorrow is our ad buy deadline in the South Carolina special election. Elizabeth Colbert Busch (yeah, Stephen’s sister!) has a real chance to become the first Democrat to represent this ruby-red district in 30 years.
But right now, Elizabeth is in danger of getting drowned out by misleading Republican attacks. We can’t let that happen – especially in a tough district like this. We need $200,000 by midnight tomorrow for our Democratic Rapid Response Fund to fight Republican attacks like these and set the record straight.
Name: (my name)Supporter record: 13550910Suggested Support: $3.00
A win here would be huge! Picking up a district that Mitt Romney won by 18 points would be a giant thorn in the sides of Boehner and Cantor.
But the Republicans still have three weeks to blanket the district with lying ads aimed at tricking voters. And it could work in South Carolina and around the country if we don’t fight back. Don’t let that happen.
Donate $3 or more and help us fight Republican attacks like these before tomorrow’s deadline:
Thank you for your support.
Democrats 2014

(my name) --
Well, this is embarrassing:
When John Boehner endorsed Mark Sanford, he must’ve thought the South Carolina special election would be a cakewalk. After all, this district is about as red as it gets.
But Elizabeth Colbert Busch (Stephen Colbert’s sister!) could prove him wrong. Elizabeth is up by 3 in her latest campaign poll!
Now Sanford’s flooding the airwaves with every smear in the book to tear down Elizabeth’s campaign. We can’t let an ad blitz like this go unanswered. We’re just $115,000 short of what we need to fight Republican attacks like these right away.
Name: (my name)Supporter record: 13550910Suggested Support: $3.00
(my name), can you chip in $3 or whatever you can to help us immediately fight back against Republican attacks?
Mitt Romney won this district by 18 points and a Democrat hasn’t held it in 30 years. Can you imagine what an embarrassment it would be for Boehner if Elizabeth won this seat?
But that also means that winning seats like this is going to take everything we have. We have to stay strong and meet every Republican attack with the truth. Can we count on you?
Thanks for your support!
Democrats 2014

(my name) --
Think of how humiliating it would be for Republicans to lose one of the reddest seats in the country.
Well, Elizabeth Colbert Busch has a real chance to knock off Mark Sanford in South Carolina's special election two weeks from today. That would be quite the upset for a district that Mitt Romney won by 18 points.
Even Republican leadership is getting twitchy about this race. Senator Lindsey Graham just said that losing this ruby-red seat would “undercut” the GOP House majority. We agree! Will you help us raise the $77,000 we need by tomorrow night's deadline to defeat Republicans like Mark Sanford?
Name: (my name)Supporter record: 13550910Suggested Support: $3.00
DEADLINE: Give $3 or whatever you can today to help fight back against Mark Sanford and Republican attacks >>
If Republicans lose this seat, it will have national implications for Boehner and his teetering majority. But there's only 14 days left.
Help us get the truth out and fight back against Republican attacks like these: Chip in before tomorrow's deadline.
Democrats 2014

(my name) --
You know what would make John Boehner furious?

If Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch wins the upcoming special election in South Carolina's first district -- that's one of the reddest districts in the country!
We're only 13 days out, so we need to go into overdrive to fight Republican attacks in races like this.
Name: (may name)Supporter record: 13550910Suggested Support: $3.00
Will you chip in $3 or whatever you can before tonight's midnight deadline?
We have a real opportunity to defeat Republicans on their home court -- that would have national implications for Boehner and his party (and it'd be unbelievably embarrassing!).
Will you chip in before midnight?
Democrats 2014

and you know what? i am sick to death about this being about showing each other who has the bigger dick instead of making laws to benefit the nation.

so i sent them this letter.

of course it won't make a difference, but i feel better.

dear democrats 2014,

every day i get something from you about humiliating the republicans.

wouldn't your time be better spent, um, working for civil liberties and marriage equality and income equality and tax reform and keeping medicare?

it seems to me very much like you are not the party of helping people but the party of beating and humiliating republicans and i haven't the stomach for it.

i am keeping count of each time i read the words "embarrass", humiliate", "fight" and "beat"  and for every time your campaign materials have the message of humilating anyone, i will be sending $3 to the campaign of a candidate you wish to humiliate, along with a copy of this letter.

i am betting they will be able to use that to their advantage.

bear in mind that while i used to be a likely democratic voter, you guys have just turned into too much assholes and the only way i can think of to stop you is simply to send my money to the republicans with an explanation as to why.

love, flask


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

this is where we differ.
I wouldn't send money to either.
I couldn't live with myself sending money to republicans, even if I do agree that the left are assholes too! I am a registered independent, now if only we had a candidate who would think for him or herself then we'd have a candidate.

flask said...

you don't really think i'm going to send them money i don't have?

go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief.

i really did send them the letter.

i draw the line at sending actual money to a party who works tirelessly against basic rights for, oh, nearly everybody.


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