Friday, May 17, 2013

wardrobe change

i think in an earlier post i sort of suggested that i'm all about shoes.

today before lunch though, i managed to change shoes five times, change clothes three times, and wear five different hats.

life's like that sometimes.

after my morning bike ride (which involved a five mile uphill climb against a headwind at the end) i went into tburg and stopped at the good to go market where they have all kinda awesome things to eat at pretty good prices.

i got the breakfast burrito because the nice young lady at the counter said it was her favorite. it was a fried egg and bacon in a spinach wrap with black beans and rice and sour cream and salsa, as big as my head and only six and a half dollars.

and this place sells mostly local foods and things made with local and/or organic stuff, so that's food you can eat and feel good about.

later on i will have things to show and tell you, but it's just too hard to get all that organized while i'm living in my car.

because there will be pictures.

and links.

today i am headed out to a museum and tomorrow i will ride a nice rail trail.

it's nice out here.

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