Friday, May 10, 2013

evening at the library

right now i am sitting on the patio behind the ulysses philomathic society.

it is more commonly thought of as the trumansburg public library, which is what it is.

trumansburg's proper name is ulysses. everybody just calls it trumansburg.

or tburg.

but back behind the library they have good strong wifi and a lovely patio and it is a very pleasant place to sit and have my pizza and listen to birds call.

above me some bird is ripping bits of bark off a birch tree, presumably for nest building. and a little grey bird of a species i can't identify in this light keeps posturing and showing off his wings and i can't see to whom all this is addressed, but i imagine she is very pretty in a species specific sort of way.

they also have electrical outlets out here on the patio, so i am charging my little appliances.

the sun is about to go down so i ought to be getting back to my campsite.

a week from now this post will roll up up my blog and you will be able to read it, but by that time i will probably have moved on to some other town.

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GDad said...

You obviously learned, at some point, the wisdom of dressing in layers.


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