Saturday, May 18, 2013

who is going to jail?

i am assuming that when this posts three or four days from now john boehner and the other fools in washington will still be all talking about it.

that thing with the IRS and the tea party?

when i heard about it i was all like "government abuse of power!" and then i heard a sane commentator explain it as probably a marginally legal and mostly harmless attempt at government functionaries trying to find a way to sort through a mountain of paperwork.

government employees do this all the time. they profile us by race or nation of ancestry or affiliations with groups.

and the thing about the tea party and patriot organizations is that those words ARE good indicators that an organization is walking that fine line between a tax exempt thing and a non tax exempt thing.

i'm not saying it's ok, whatever happened.

but here's my deal.

do you remember that little ole thing where some big banks engaged in ACTUAL criminal behaviors and collasped the economy?

oh, but we can't try them or punish them because reasons.

but we can have political theater around essentially non-events and demand that paper pushers go to prison over it because we're so busy with the 2016 elections that we can't be bothered to govern the country.


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