Sunday, May 12, 2013

no soap, radio

i am in an area of new york state west of the finger lakes and about the middle of it, if you're looking at your map vertically.

there is excellent cellphone reception.

it is hard to use my ipod in the car because of interference from way too many radio stations.

because of this, i have had my radio on "scan" for the better part of two days.

here is my short inventory of the radio stations available to me, by type:

  • two NPR stations that are apparently on the same frequency and therefore cannot be made intelligible because they are not playing the same programming. if you are on one side of a hill, you get one. if you are on the other side of the hill, you get the other.
  • christian stations that play crappy christian music
  • christian stations that play christian weather and christian news
  • christian stations that play wholesome hymns and rousing sermons and the christian music of elderly white people
  • ultra conservative christian stations that feature very much bible "study" and commentary.
  • stations that seem to play nothing besides "piano man".

1 comment:

GDad said...

"...christian weather and christian news..."

Big grin on this side of the screen.


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