Tuesday, May 21, 2013


let's start here: i lost nearly ALL the video i took on my roadtrip because of my failure to notice a computer glitch by which canon's camera software doesn't actually download videos you take WITH YOUR CANON CAMERA onto your computer, so when i put all my photos on the computer (you know, for safekeeping) i just assumed that the videos got loaded too because it used to do that with an older canon camera.

so basically the only video i have is from the two days of images that i saved to dropbox (which works awesome but i only have limited space because paying for an account just isn't in my budget) or from the day that i had on my camera when i got home and loaded directly onto my mac.

so i lost the video of the snapping turtle trying to kill me. and i lost the video of me hopping like a deer across a road. AND I LOST THE VIDEO OF THE ETERNAL FLAME.

WHY would canon make image downloading software that doesn't download the videos you shoot with a canon camera?!?!?!?

that is about four different kinds of wrong.

it is very, very wrong.

and i KNOW birds shit on windows, but why did one have to shit, right now, on the window i am looking out of?

that's just more wrongness.

and i'm cranky.

bird, when the neighborhood cat is looking to eat you i will hold you down so she can get you more easily.

canon, if i can find a big enough cat to eat you, it'll be the same thing for you.

now i need a paper towel.

and a nap.

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Beth said...

I have a Canon too and lost a video the same way, before I figured out what was going on. I agree -- not intuitive at all, and really disappointing! I'm so sorry you lost yours - hard way to learn how it works, eh?


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