Monday, May 27, 2013

telephone survey

when the young man calls me on the phone to ask me lengthy questions about waste disposal in my district, my first thought is that he is poorly suited for the job because he has difficulty reading the questions to me.

telephone survey people should be able to read well enough to ask the questions.

and i am not super fun for him to try to sort out answers.

i do not have a choice about who hauls the trash in my neighborhood. i also do not mow my own lawn.

i therefore do not have opinons on waste disposal in my district, nor do i have opinions on how yard waste is composted.

i also do not know what my income is. yes, i've heard the figure. i simply don't remember.

it's a LONG survey. there are a lot of things on it i might have an opinion about if they were things i had to arrange for or take care of, but since haulage is the province of my HOA, however the trash gets taken care of is how it gets taken care of.

i follow the directions about recycling, but past that it's really not up to me.

i figure the only reason i'm not a total waste of this young man's time is because he's probably getting paid hourly and his supervisor is probably checking to see that he made the calls he was supposed to make.

the fact that he has this job and that his reading skills are poor indicates to me that he is probably some broke-ass kid with few prospects so even though i'm ticked off to be disturbed by phone surveys at my home, i try to be nice.

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ghw said...

He might even get better at reading with time and this kind of "training" :)


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