Monday, May 13, 2013

barbecue day

apparently the second saturday of may is traditional barbecue day all throughout the finger lakes region. somehow it doesn't seem to me to make economic sense for every church and civic organization that dots the land to have a chicken barbecue all on the same day. it there are three chicken barbecues going on in one small town, it strikes me as unnecessary division of market share.

in other news, i saw some spectacularly bad driving along route 20A west of warsaw last week.

the posted speed limit is 55 and i confess i was doing 65, but even so i was seriously holding up traffic, along with some other cars. drivers kept coming by us and passing us THREE AT A TIME and apparently traffic in the oncoming lane is simply not thought of as a big deal out here.

while that was interesting, it wasn't the really alarming driving.

the alarming driving was the part where the car in front of me was turning left and a driver three cars back decided to use that moment to pass the whole line of cars and so passed me and the cars behind me on the left, nearly plowed through the car turning left and then merrily swerved suddenly to pass that car on the right.

did that driver maybe slow down after nearly causing a horrific accident at speed? no, he did not. he sped up and passed two more cars, arriving at the traffic light so that i waited in line just behind him.

so he didn't have any net time saving by all that. probably he was sitting there congratulating himself on being such a great driver.

i'll tell you who the great drivers were: me and anyone else in that line who saw that bozo coming and realized he was going to try to pass the car turning left and gave him enough room for his escape maneuver.

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