Thursday, October 31, 2013

white roadmaster

it was parked in "my" spot in the lot in downtown wilmington.

a white roadmaster estate wagon. for real.

but it had that telltale fog pattern on the windows, the one i am expert in, the one that says SOMEBODY IS SLEEPING IN HERE.

later in the day it was still parked in that spot, but nobody was in it. the gear was neatly stowed and the sleeping bag rolled.

does the person living in there even KNOW there's a perfectly good national forest with nice clean outhouses nearby?

i mean, seriously. the parking lot is for open wifi access. the forest is for sleeping. it's not illegal to sleep in the lot overnight, but the police will roust you every so many hours to check if you're ok, or at least that's what they told me when i asked a couple of years ago if i could sleep in the downtown lot while i was doing flood cleanup work.

besides, it's nicer in the forest and it's not very far to go.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Ah, the badass Roadmaster. My husband is completely enamored of his. He loves that he can sleep in the back, which he has done in lieu of pitching a tent. For an over-six-feet-tall man, this is no small thing. Of course, neither is the Roadmaster.

flask said...

yep. the number one reason i drive a subaru forester is that it is long enough for me to sleep full length in the back. if i were two inches taller, that would not be possible.


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