Monday, December 02, 2013


i'm going to come right out and tell you this is the best eggnog that exists on the planet.

do not try to tell me about your grandmother's recipe, because i have had a lot of eggnogs and made a lot of eggnogs and there is only ONE eggnog i have ever tasted that i have ever been willing to get in my car and drive ninety minutes to buy, because it is sold local to the place where it is made, and i live ninety minutes by way of the interstate from the nearest store that sells it.

it is, of course, the eggnog from mcnamara dairy in plainfield, new hampshire. and sometimes when you drive all the way over there you find it's sold out.

it is THAT good.

but the president of vermont community college is of that family and goes back to work the farm weekends and because of that my stepmother who works at VCC can get eggnog directly from joyce and i will tell you that there is not a more rich and decadent breakfast than a big bowl of warm bread pudding with a glass of really good eggnog.

i would link you to the mcnamara dairy webpage, but they don't have one. they're too busy farming.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My recipe for the eggnog is the best eggnog you've never gotten to try. Trust me on this one!!

flask said...

yeah, that's what everybody says.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Have you ever made it? Easy peasy. My dear friend 's southern grandpa gave me the recipe.

flask said...

yeah, i've made eggnog.

i've made some very good eggnog. and everybody and his dog has some fabulous recipe they got from somebody's granpaw or thomas jefferson or oliver cromwell or jesus himself but i'm telling you, none come close to mcnamara dairy.

*goes to pour another glass*


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