Wednesday, December 04, 2013

sunday morning in waterbury

my friend barb asked me if i wanted to go hear a reading at a bookstore.

the bookstore is bridgestone books, and the author is willem lange, reading his children's book favor johnson.

i think of it as less of children's book and more of a thing my family and i always listen to on the radio and we always cry. sometimes i start crying about tow words in because i'm kind of a softie.

so anyway, it's a thing i want to go to, but i was tired from the day before and kind of thinking that maybe i didn't want to go out, but i still had to go grocery shopping and i still had to find a geocache (i'm trying to do a long streak of days in which i find at least one, which means i have to put on clothes and leave the house) but there's absolutely no reason i can't do my grocery shopping in waterbury and it turns out barb wouldn't mind going to a geocache and she hasn't done her grocery shopping yet, either.

so that's our plan. fun in the outdoors, a book reading by a marginally famous author, and grocery shopping.

all in all, a pretty nice morning and we came out of it with the grocery shopping done.

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