Saturday, December 14, 2013

open letter to the jericho highway department

this is what i sent to the jericho town supervisor:

dear jericho highway department,

i live "offrum" nashville road. you know as well as i do what a mess that gets to look like and how hard it is to keep it from being five miles of bone-shaking axle-breaking quiver-sucking washboards-of-doom.

i notice the difficulty of the task never stops you from trying, though.

and it's hard to time road maintenance with the weather so that you grade or fill it just BEFORE a freeze or just BEFORE it dries out too much so your repairs stay in place as long as possible.

last week you were out on nashville road and you had timed it so your work came just as the road was firming up and just before a good hard freeze and it still looks pretty good and what i really want to say is thanks for your work. it's never finished, what you do, and maybe sometimes it seems futile but out here we really appreciate it.

so thank you.

and have an awesome day.


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