Saturday, December 07, 2013

you are so busted.

so i was on the interstate the other day and a schoolbus full of middle school kids from a nearby district passed me on the way to a field trip. and middle school kids are great at clowning around on trips for the "benefit" of passers-by.

what i did not expect was the vulgarity and sexual nature of their gestures, which would have been really gross coming from a grown man, but were doubly creepy coming from children.

so i sent off this note to their school district:

hey, hi.

two day ago i was passed on the interstate by one of your busses and about halfway back on the right a group of boys were making sexually suggestive gestures out the windows.

i don't know who in your district covers that sort of thing, but i'm guessing it's not how you want your students represented and i'm guessing someone will want to have a chat with the little miscreants.

here's a picture of the bus and a picture of the side of the bus with one of the children in question visible, so he might be a good place to start the conversation about how you wish to be represented to the community.

oh, goodness, i remember my days teaching middle school! i'm retired now, but kids, well, they're always kids.

i hope otherwise you're having an awesome day.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

I know a SEEECRET about Flaaask (imagine that in an annoying sing-song middle schooler kind of voice). But since it's a secret and all, I won't say what I would normally say in response to such a secret. Nope.

flask said...

i am SO busted.


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