Wednesday, December 11, 2013

stuff in my oven

in the mornings i do stuff on my computer. then i go out to play and when i come home i watch tv and cook.

i maybe don't have the discipline to do all the things i need to do all at once, so if i watch tv and work puzzles (which helps me later for going out to play), i force my little self to get off the sofa at every commercial and do house things: cook, laundry, vacuum the chair cushions. it;s a good compromise and stuff gets done.

yesterday i baked some things, which has the added benefit of warming up the house.

in my oven: a bread pudding, and a pan of beans, beans, fritos and cheese.

neither is very fancy, but both are very good. and the bread pudding, at least, is all good stuff. the bread i used was a half loaf of bread i baked myself (bit did not eat while fresh) and a quickbread i wasn;t in love with, put in the freezer and let it get a little freezerburn.

experimental bread is either delicious or it's something to put in a pudding later. bread pudding as practiced in my house is very like french toast. with butter and syrup. a lot of syrup.

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