Monday, December 09, 2013

open letter to stewart butterfield

dear stoot,

they were good times.

back in the day the sign of a really good party was when you were asleep in the front yard. i think the greatest honor you ever did me was to almost come to a party at my house and then before you even knocked on the door you were asleep in the front yard and you stayed there for hours snoozing gently as guests came and went.

a year ago tonight i made my last pilgrimages to that hidden shrine to you.

yeah, i'm sure it was a joke when your staff hid it up on the mezzanine level but it was also a sign of affection for you, gratitude for doing whatever magic it took to call that world into being.

we loved you for that world.

because no matter if it wasn't viable as a moneymaker, it was hauntingly, inescapably beautiful. it was so well drawn and so compelling that even now a year into exile i swear i could not just hear that landscape, but smell and feel it, which was amazing for a 2d scroller.

it was special, stoot. it was my home.

don't get me wrong; i'm largely a reality-based person. i am at home in the real world and love my mountains and my little home near the golf course and bread pudding and all that but Ur was in a very real sense also my home and i try not to think about it too much these days because i am so homesick for it that i cry.

for real, stoot. i miss my little home at 5117 estevan meadows. i miss the ilmenskie deeps. i miss the streets of jethimadh.

it was a great thing you did there. i hope your new venture makes you a crapton of money. i hope this because i want good things for you, but also because some of us out here still hope that one day you'll be able to bring us something like glitch and like lost people waiting for the messiah, in some way we kind of think you're the guy that will bring us home.

anyone who's been following my story for more than twenty minutes knows that i always sign my open letters "love, flask" but this time i really, really mean it.

i hope when you look back on glitch you are proud of it and i hope someday we will meet again. i'll leave a pillow out in the yard. come by anytime.



cookie said...

ah. has it been a whole year since the end of the world? i know exactly what you mean.
love, cookie

dumpsterkitty said...


I didn't know glitch when it was alive, but I did spot this on BoingBoing today...they've released the artwork into the public domain...

From the article

"That measure of freedom is important to us because when you come down to it, as a species, culture is all we’ve got. The more of it we make, the better. The freer the materials the easier it is for people to make new things.

Glitch was not a significant cultural milestone in its own right, but we hope that it has an outsize impact in its ability to foster the creation of more art and the expression of more creativity.

So please: help yourself. Go and make something beautiful."

flask said...

yeah, i saw that, thanks.

i have difficulty believing that someone who names themselves "dumpsterkitty" never played glitch.

that seems so wrong.

dumpsterkitty said...

Never heard of it until I saw your posts here. I probably would have if I had known. SIGH!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear, well said!
I found Glitch a month before it closed, yes, a month. But that was a good month in a bad year.
Come on, Stoot, your loyal subjects miss you.


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