Tuesday, December 17, 2013

that qr code

i said i'd 'splain what i was doing with that qr code i posted a couple of days ago.

my mom belongs to a singing group that meets weekly to sing rounds. if you've ever been with my mom for more than twenty minutes, you probably know this because she is excited about her round singing group and in my family we cannot be excited about a thing without we talk about it.

so they have rounds for every occasion: rounds to say hello, rounds to say goodnight, rounds suitable for giving thanks (in an atheist-firnedly way, no less) before a meal, and rounds to express the ennui of long grey afternoons in winter.

it is not at all uncommon to be talking to my mom and she will say "oh! we have a round about that!"and then start to sing it.

so i thought: why don't i use some professional skills i happen to have around the house going to waste and maybe write a nice new little round they can sing?

that will be a nice gift for my mom.

so i wrote one, and since my stepmother is both tech-friendly and enjoys using her smartphone and tablet and such, i thought i'd drop the sound file into a qr code that can be scanned to play the music so they can hear it right away.

if you want to scan the qr code, here it is again:

but if you just want to hear it, it's right here:


Bulletholes said...

If I were to save the image that is a qr code and post it, and someone came along with the right tool and scanned it, they woild he the good morning song?
Thats slick!

flask said...

bulletholes, that is exactly what would happen.

it has fun implications if you have friends with smartphones.


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