Tuesday, December 10, 2013


yesterday afternoon i was poking around in the ends of guardrails as is my habit (never you mind why) and i came across a mouse nest.

now there are two things one frequently finds in the ends of guardrails: mouse nests and wasp nests. this time of year you are usually safer with the wasp nests, since nobody will be home.

usually mice are not at home, either, and what have found is an abandoned mouse nest, since mice pee right in their nests and instead of cleaning house when it gets rank, they just move.

yes, i DO wear gloves when i am sticking my hands in guardrails, thanks for asking.

today i found an especially robust mouse nest and i gave it a tentative poke (because i am SERIOUS about guardrail inspection) and a little grey thing streaked out a back door and scurried away into the grass. i would say it was cute, but all i saw was a blur of movement.

hopefully the little dear won't be too upset and will be able to return home later.

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