Friday, December 06, 2013

orig audio

i'm going to stress that i don't do sponsored anythings on this blog. i don't receive goods for review, i don't  get clickthroughs or discounts for writing about companies or products.

if i had a big enough readership that somebody might want to sponsor me, i might accept such a thing, but i'd disclose that because shilling without disclosure is icky.

i am only mentioning it because i am about to talk about a product and a company.

a couple of months ago a company called orig audio was celebrating some kind of anniversary and they were GIVING PRODUCT AWAY for the cost of postage.

i know, crazy, right?

and the product was a thing that i had at least an interest in, so i figured it was worth the cost of shipping to have a look.

i ordered a little thing called the rock-it, which is a cute little device that you plug into your ipod or whatever and it turns basically any surface that can resonate into a speaker.

so i tested mine. my night table, my windows, my walls, my desk: they all make excellent speakers. the windows made the best, loudest, brightest sound, but i figured i probably want to subject glass surfaces to fewer resonating vibrations, not more, but i was curious to try at least a little.

short verdict: it is a very cool little product.


it's time for me to do my christmas shopping and both my brother-in-law and my stepmother like little gadgets, so i wanted to get them each one. and there was a really good sale with a promo code, so i stepped up and placed an order.

only i neglected to hit the little button to APPLY my promo code, so i tried desperately to cancel the order and start over, but all i could find was a button to reorder the same order which MIGHT have been like a redo button.

it wasn't. so now i had made a DOUBLE order and i needed to cancel one and i was looking for how to do that when i got an email notification that my second order had just been processed and was going to ship.

panic set in.

what? it's like six o'clock in the morning. do NOT tell me someone is working in the shipping department somewhere on the west coast at this hour.

but apparently yes.

so i tweet them (because tweeting these days seems to get you to customer service pretty quickly) and in minutes somebody gives me an email address and i send the an email asking them to cancel the first order and they write back to say that i got to them JUST in time and i should expect a refund in two to three business days.

and i wrote back to say that actually the evidence suggests that someone in shipping was on the ball since the second order with the coupon had shipped already, but the first one i wanted to cancel somehow got hung up and the nice customer service lady wrote back to say she'd just checked it out and the guy in shipping had seen it and held it up pending confirmation.

it is eighteen hours later and i have already received my refund.


good product, excellent service. website design not so good- it could use a cancel button, but i guess you can't have everything.

edit to add:  i just got a tweet from someone in customer service who hadn't yet heard it had all been taken care of. that's some zealous service. less so passing information, but forgiven since the important stuff all got done.

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Zhoen said...

Cool. I shall pass this on to my tech guy.


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